spc innOvation

SPC Innovation is the innovation brand from SalamancaPC IT Company.

What are 2 minutes when you are expecting firefighters?

Nobody makes that question, because you call firefighters, and they arrive. That’s the reason of developing SPC Innovation, the innovation brand from SalamancaPC IT Company. We are developing SPC QuickSupport. The future’s assistance system.

Participating in https://edincubator.eu/, we are going to resolve the RACC challenge, Optimization of the Assistance Resources Location.

Our goal, that assistance services know where issues are going to happen, and can be available before you need them.

If we can predict where incidents are going to happen, companies can have towing vehicles, cars, mechanicals, available near to them. This will minimize response time and reduce costs.

And above everything, that when you call them, they can reach you quick, with no doubts about your location, no stopped at their garage.

 Selected to take part in the @edincubator, SPC Innovation will travel to #Berlin with 40 of the brightest #BigData #startups in Europe #EDIncubator
Because BIG Data should be there for you, when you ned it.

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